When We Laughed at Vine


The twitter hashtag that caused people to post memorial videos as if someone they knew just passed away. Vine (2013-16) was a video sharing app that allowed users to create 6-second videos. From the beginning, the app was used for viral nonsense.

I recently started dancing in a dance themed after Vine, and its unfortunate demise. This dance brought back memories of my time scrolling through one of my favorite apps. I began watching vine compilations yesterday, since the app is defunct and all videos were erased. Let me tell you, I never laughed consecutively for an hour more than I did while watching that video. I remembered how much joy I got out of watching these vines. Multiple friendships grew from my love of Vine, since my friend and I would just quote our favorites to each other and spend up to 3 hours going through our expansive lists of revines.

The complete nonsense and creativity that went into these vines completely matched my obscure sense of humor. I felt comfort in Vine, a comfort that came from joy and the laughs that it created.

We, as users, soaked every second up. The app became a culture. People became famous for their obscure and creative vines, Boybands were formed (shootout to Nash Grier, wherever he is) and major companies realized the potential of using the app for marketing ploys. Several vines started viral jokes, such as “I’m in my Mum’s car!” or the ever so formal “Deez Nutz! Got ‘em!”

It’s impossible to imagine who I would be without vine or apps like tumblr. I obviously wouldn’t be my extra, very loud, and high energy self without the inspiration of posts on these platforms. I personally want to thank vine, wherever it is now in the great beyond of forgotten apps, for being there for me. For being a safe haven that I could rely on when I couldn’t find a single thing that day to make me laugh or smile. I’m going to miss it. Truly, #RIPVine.

Social media can bring joy. There is love, humor, and creativity that has been cultivated by these platforms. Vine isn’t the only platform that brought humor to the masses, tumblr and youtube have been pumping out content for years now and aren’t about to end.

Social Media has no one brand of humor. All comedians are welcome in this open community. All forms are brought into the mix, and there is someone out there that will find your content and laugh. Laugh harder than they have in their life. And for that, I find apps like vine beautiful. I hope something will fill the hole that vine left when it died because I think we all need a pick up now and then.



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