The Comment Section

One of the largest communities in the online world exists in the comment section of blogs, YouTube videos, and Facebook posts. The comment section could be considered the place for advice and suggestions, or could be considered the place of war and battles. The community built in the comment section of social media is unique and the behavior of users is interesting.

The most common breed of users in the comment section is “haters.” “Haters” breed on attention and retaliation from other users online. Most common comments that they post are hate comments, which emotionally hurt other users. They are very harsh to the level of bullying in schools. Many people react to these hateful comments and try to reason with them, but to no avail. “Haters” are hard to manage and they change the way people interact online and often destroy the positive moods associated with happy posts and beautiful content.

This interaction with “haters” is interesting because the attitude of users change online, but also they increase the interactions in the comment section of certain content. Starting with political statements to general opinions, reactions to “haters” result with a heated discussion, broadening the opinion basis of the comment section. By responding to comments and replying to each other, the comment section community grows and this improves the amount of interaction online. The main problem to solve in this comment section community is to tone down the hate and distaste among users and to bring a brighter comment section to life.



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