Fake News and Its Impact on Social Media

Following the US Presidential Elections of 2016, the negative rhetoric behind fake news sources and reports on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, began to explode, as President Donald Trump began to pinpoint certain news agencies and sources and calling them out for reporting facts incorrectly. This rise in fake news and the continued use of the words “fake news” has been recognized by the social media community and has resulted with statements being made by major players in the social media realm, such as Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, saying that there is a battle against fake news online.

While fake news has been a large issue online, many of the fake news sources were easy to recognize by social media users. Often times fake news sources used obvious links and “sketchy” websites that would serve as dead giveaways. Often times, social media users would disregard fake news sources, but this caused fake news sources to retaliate against this resistance. Fake news source started to impose clickbait methods to attract audiences to their websites, often turning to nude pictures and misleading titles to attract users online. This resulted with more users online being misled to fake news, which often came with consequences, such as virus infections and giving up access to personal and other sensitive information.

However, these types of media is not what President Trump is referring to. President Trump declared that there were fake news sources among mainstream media sources, such as CNN. President Trump has denounced several news sources, most notably CNN, and has refused to recognize them. As President Trump continued to wage his war on fake news, social media is also impacted to a certain extent, as social media users are confused regarding what news to accept and what news to reject. This confusion continues to this day and social media users are exposed to a variety of news sources, some telling the truth, while others telling a lie.

– SS


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