Tweets CAN Influence Your Career!

With recent rise in social media users and with the popularity of social media rising, firms and companies are looking to social media platforms to scan their employees before accepting them into the workforce. In recent years, this surveillance of people online has become more significant and has been influencing people’s career paths to a certain extent. This aspect of monitoring is extremely strong with celebrities and stars, as they are thought as role models for other youth and other adults.

On January 12, 2012, an English football player (soccer player) Andre Gray, the striker of Burnley FC, posted a tweet stating (click quote for link to image of tweet):

“Is it me or are there gays everywhere? #Burn #Die #MakesMeSick”

This angered the British community and especially the English football fans community. Many football fans were outraged and called for the player to apologize and to take back his homophobic comment. This spark from the public forced the English Football Association (The FA) to take action and this resulted with a suspension for four matches and a fine of £25,000, which was in line with The FA’s rules and regulations. In addition, Andre Gray held a press conference to sincerely apologize to the British community and especially to the LGBTQ community regarding his behavior. Also, he tweeted out an apology letter on his twitter account, which you can access via the link below. The manager of Burnley FC, Sean Dyche, thought the apology was sincere, yet the fans stood at a divided stance in regards to Gray’s comments and apology.

While social media has become a sensitive area for comments and reactions, this example shows that celebrities stand at a much narrower plank than the rest of us. One wrong comment or online activity could spark a discussion among the public and could jeopardize the celebrity’s career. Celebrities are often speculated upon and this results with them having less freedom online and having to be cautious with their online activity at all times.

– SS


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