Bell’s #letstalk: where are the politicians?

In my last post, I described a prominent social media-centered mental health destigmatization day that’s held annually in my home country, Canada. Organized by Bell, a Canadian Telecom company, the campaign is called #letstalk, and features prominent Canadian celebrities (they exist!) discussing their stuggles with, and stories about, mental health in their lives. Their shared stories can … More Bell’s #letstalk: where are the politicians?

Celebrities, twitter and “meltdowns”

The fact that celebrities’ public images have long been heavily managed by agencies or PR specialists is not a novel observation. This is still the case, of course. Interviews and late night tv appearances are important tools for shaping public perception, which is vital currency for celebrities. Social media, however, has given celebrities a media … More Celebrities, twitter and “meltdowns”

Fake News and Its Impact on Social Media

Following the US Presidential Elections of 2016, the negative rhetoric behind fake news sources and reports on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, began to explode, as President Donald Trump began to pinpoint certain news agencies and sources and calling them out for reporting facts incorrectly. This rise in fake news and the … More Fake News and Its Impact on Social Media